Russell Gayle (verified owner)   2020

This Flowers smells AMAZING!!! It’s got that Now or Later fruity candy smell. I am highly impressed with hemp farm store and their quality flowers! I got that peppery smell at first then the nice fruit candy smell hugged my face lol. Thanks!

Livenlearn (verified owner)  October 04, 2020

LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!! Packaged very well! Came Early!! Great Service all around! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Smokes very well great taste an smells amazing!! Got 1 lbs wasn’t disappointed at all!! Seriously Recommend

Gridking85 (verified owner)  

Great strain for my first purchase. Enjoyed the smell and taste. Thoroughly satisfying by it self but mixed with some magic jordan helped ease away some tension mentally and physically.

ThatGuy42 (verified owner) 

Love it, great taste and very few seeds. My only complaint is that the description described it as having a skunky aroma, I definitely get a hint if diesel and pine, but the pungeant skunky smell just isn’t there. Other than that great product and I’m so happy I got it while it was still on sale. Originally was gonna go for the GG #4, but my wallet told me to get cherry instead 😂

jarebear23 (verified owner)  November

Very relaxing strain. Great for post-work relaxation or before bed. Effects are very calming and slight uplifting affect that puts you in a very relaxed, chill mood. Probably the best all-day strain I’ve tried. Smell is DANK, and will permeate whatever room you bring it in.

kurtis brand (verified owner)  November

Seriously love hemp farm store and this product does not disappoint. Organic, sticky , dank, when I first received it I couldn’t stop opening the bag and smelling it. Buds were kinda small, but that’s irrelevant to me. I grind it and vape, decarb and make oils, tinctures and salves. Beautiful flower and awesome support from an extremely knowledgeable team.

Richard Brown (verified owner)  December

This was my first purchase and I am thoroughly satisfied! The aroma is wonderful but the taste is even better! For me, the sativa dominate is great because I wasn’t weighted down or paranoid. Shoutout HFS for this great quality product for a price that is unmatched! 🔥🔥

Christen Waring (verified owner)– December

I have been an active cannabis user for years, this to me is better than “pot” all the good feelings of being relaxed and focused without the “downer” effects. I no longer smoke the other stuff and made my 2nd of many purchases to come! Glad I tried, I was not let down at all!

Marguerite Snowden (verified owner)  December

I’ve tried several different strains and Chem dog is hands down, one of the BEST I’ve ever had !!!

Mr. McBasketball  (verified owner)  December

Super good. There are a few seeds which is why I gave it 4/5, but I still recommend Chemdawg. Breaks up nice, smokes great, tastes nice, and can feel the effects quickly.

Alan melara (verified owner)  Jenuary

Amazing and smooth.. smelled very dank .. the taste was on point.. Dutch or Raw everything was on point..!

Jonathan Tarr (verified owner)  January

I am a formulation chemist and HFS CBD isolate is the purest and highest efficacy on the market, for the lowest price found domestically. Go nowhere else. Fine white crystalline powder. I have purchased isolate for more that is off-white or brown. HFS is consistently perfect!

Henry James Goodrich (verified owner)  February

I really love the good buzz it gave me.Wonderful smell.Would buy again.

Indrijit (verified owner) February

Very nice for the price I picked up 1 pound of this last time there was a sale and haven’t regretted it one bit. Very nice buds and well packed for preservation. Nice and green no brown bud like my local shop.

Mally Ace (verified owner) February

Very pungent smell as soon as you open the bag you will notice the undeniable smell of sour diesel! Very full-bodied flavor!

Samuel Smith (verified owner)  

Wonderful strain! For me it hits more in the body. Does make me relaxed and clear headed. One of my favourite strains from HFS.

Joshua Tapia (verified owner)  March

They were not kidding when they mentioned that this drain is not for novice users. I am mediately felt the effects beginning with a head buzz followed by a body buzz. It was a little overwhelming at first, but eventually subsided. Overall, the aroma, taste, and appearance is remarkable. I would highly recommend to a veteran user, but beginners beware!

Michael Kennedy (verified owner)  

Second time ordering from Hemp farm store and it is the second time that I am completely satisfied with their product, great company!
The shipping was seamless and really fast. I’ll be back for sure. This strain is working well for me.

Julian O’Connor (verified owner)  

This is a beautiful strain indeed! The aroma, color, texture and high are incredible!

Hemps Farm Store scored a complete 100 on this one!!!! <3

Cbdzzzzzz (verified owner)  

So far my 2nd favourite strain to date. Very uplifting smoke and super skunk smell, no seeds, small stems, popcorn size nugs. All and all a great purchase

Doug Ray (verified owner)  

PREMIUM! 🔥🔥🔥No joke this strain is top shelf. Smooth. Tasty. Effective. Nice buds. Thank you👍🏼