Chemdawg OG Hemp Flower

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ChemDawg OG 1kg Promotion

  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid
  • Occasional Seed
  • 0.3% Total THC Compliant
  • Money-Back Guarantee

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Chemdawg OG



Hemps farm store High CBD Version of this Premium Cannabis strain that’s also referred to and called OG Chem, Chem OG, and Chemdog OG.

Hemp Farm Store offers ChemDawg OG CBD Hemp Flower Europe 0.2% total THC. Buy our high ChemDawg OG for sale in Europe, UK in top-shelf, Wholesale Order

Bred down to virtually no THC, this sativa-dominant strain is originally a cross between Chemdawg and OG Kush. With the piney smell of OG Kush and the Sour Diesel scent of of Chemdawg, this strain makes for a very, very, skunks aroma.


12 reviews for Chemdawg OG Hemp Flower

  1. Livenlearn

    Very Intelligent strain of plant. Well balanced feeling and overall a good ambiance.

  2. darrenblockersr

    Well i gotta say honestly I’ve tried about 12 different cbd strains but this one, is the best that I’ve had so far and pretty sure I’ll be sticking with this one. Dry vaping this is pretty smooth and potent, best body and mind high I’ve had in a long time. Pretty sure I’ll be buying another 1kg in the future. Can’t go wrong with this one 👌

  3. Max222

    small buds, loaded with seeds and stims.. smokes very loud when first get but as ages not so much.. if shopping to save coin this is your go to 🔥

  4. King Dream

    This Flower smells AMAZING!!! It’s got that Now or Later fruity candy smell. I am highly impressed with industrial hemp farms and this flower! I got that peppery smell at first then the nice fruit candy smell hugged my face lol. Thanks!

  5. Chris Meholic

    Great big buds. Very uplifting smoke so def daytime strain. I gave it 4 stars due to the amount of seeds but would suggest this to everybody and anybody

  6. Gridking85

    Great strain for my first purchase. Enjoyed the smell and taste. Thoroughly satisfying by it self but mixed with some magic jordan helped ease away some tension mentally and physically.

  7. Mike wyte

    Great stuff definitely better than most everything I have tried

  8. Naturally OutSpoken

    LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!! Packaged very well! Came Early!! Great Service all around! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Smokes very well great taste an smells amazing!! Got 1 lbs wasn’t disappointed at all!! Seriously Recommend

  9. Dominick Noonan

    The Four Stars im giving currently are heavily influenced by the price of this product and I bought it during a sale as for the product itself it is much darker than I expected and was very dry from the three or four packets inside made it overly dry but it was all nice size nugs not very seedy at all okay taste nothing spectacular but like I said at the price you could def do worse but if you have the extra money and aren’t broke like me maybe try a different one if your looking for sticky or excellent taste know what to expect with this product and if its what you are looking for than yes its well worth what I paid therefore getting 4 stars from me

  10. Brandy Crosby

    I haven’t tried many strains from HFS because I usually go with the cheaper bulk deals which last me a LONG time, but so far Chemdawg is my favorite. It makes me feel lifted and content without any negative side effects. I’m prone to anxiety but this helps me level out. I never thought I could get such a “nice” feeling from CBD. Thanks for quality bud at a great price!

  11. cdj886

    Great quality! Glad i got this on sale. I was kinda worried about the quality because of the price during their pound sale but im thrilled and very glad i ordered it. Pick some up you wont be disappointed.

  12. Snoodocker

    Bought a 1kg of this during a sale and I have bought A LOT of flower over the years thc and cbd and these are the most visually beautiful I have ever seen! Wish I could post a pic of a gal.jar full to top with all awesomeness! Went thru entire hand putting it in glass and some of these buds are the size of a lemon/lime in every dimension! WtF! I love it and it smokes superbly w nice sedative effect on me.Ty HFS! You guys are AwEsOmE!

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