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Bubba’s Remedy

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Remedy is a very potent anxiety, pain, stress, and inflammation-killer that has just recently surfaced in the hemp world. Medical patients have traditionally sought after Remedy for her strong therapeutic effects that don’t manifest in any way psychoactive, so even those sensitive to tiny amounts of THC can enjoy!

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10 reviews for Bubba Remedy CBD Hemp Flower

  1. humblesoja808

    I really like this one

  2. Scott Marshall

    This strain is more typical of a bottom shelf strain IMO. Effects are very mild and flavor is nothing to write home about. Leans toward the Indica side of things, but I wouldn’t purchase again.

  3. cdj886

    WOW! this stuff is at least mid shelf quality and i got a pound for 75 bucks and i can use discount points on top of that? Amazing deal! I bought this expecting it to be bottom shelf stuff that didnt smoke well and would have to be used to make topical and edibles but i was wrong its definitely good enough for smoking. I found it effective for anxiety and it eased the tobacco withdrawal symptoms pretty well too. I will have to lean towards using this stuff as a night time medicine its a very calming relaxing and kind of sleepy feeling with this one, did feel the “couch lock” with this as well. It seemed to ease someone elses depression symptoms as well but i cannot vouch for that. Would probably be great for insomnia but since using hemp daily i no longer have insomnia so i cannot say. Very impressed with this stuff, especially considering the price.

  4. CarpediemBC

    I liked this mixed with Bubba 🍷 merlot awesome relaxing chilled out every day feeling,add lil more remedy to feel more comfortable happy hour side of it like I can chill relax body mind & still do a meeting or create go back drawstring board ,or ease threw traffic vaping personal lol 🤣 the safest happy hr. Or add more merlot for the taste and effects of happy hr of wine effect stronger than bubba merlot on own. Find they pair well together,where ,🍷falls yummy & very mellow sublet,🌠Remedy alone helps melts it away but almost feels like I’m reaching for a second blend shortly after tho feels good, together 4 hr good effects@ least& don’t feel guilty finishing a j to self if it’s heavier on 🍷 in 🛀 🕯️ or passing few out with friends with 🍷🍷🥂🍾🍶🍵🍵, with 🌠 Remedy heavier I don’t finish it, it’s more happy hour all day chill uplifting🍹🍹😘😊🌠vibe. Sorry long description but get both Trust me somethings just work better together. 🤦🏼‍♀️🌬️💕 WORKS! 50/50 I’m 108 lb 5’6″ high tolerance FYI if helps…

  5. Julian O’Connor

    This is a amazing strain for night-time use, it’s incredibly relaxing and makes for a super chill journey to bedtime for sure! I loved it so much I made it my midnight smoke. IHF is the place to be for all super quality CBD Flower! No doubt! 💯 and by far the most beautiful nugs I’ve ever seen in my life came straight from IHF Bubba Remedy 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Ocarina44

    This strain was a great addition to my evening routine. I usually vape before bed and let me tell you- within 30 minutes I was drifting off to sleep. IHF- you’re a lifesaver! Thank you!

  7. Kent Langsjoen

    Great flower for the price.. I bought 2 pounds Bubba Remedy.. Its a super chill cbd flower.. And very strong. For being a bottom shelf hemp flower.. It’s harsh when smoked.. But super chill… I am going to use Bubba Remedy for making very strong hemp tea. I will post another review after I make some hemp tea… I love you guys.. You are the best.. Your products really help me

  8. Wayland Steinhour

    I love Remedy from another company but I saw this lb being so cheap plus 30% off i jumped. Im glad I did. Vaping had little to no taste but was smooth and gave me a good body relaxing and also a heady feeling. Some of the buds are huge. I’ll soon sort through and clean it all up. I honestly wasn’t expecting much being so cheap. Get some if you can.

  9. Garren078

    Seriously so glad I bought this! and you cant beat the price! very relaxing mellow effect. will buy again!

  10. Williams

    Very good flower very relaxing

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